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Afropean +

January 17, 2015, in the rooms of the museum Bozar, Brussels will be part of a great event -AFROPEAN +. This event entirely dedicated to many facets of contemporary African cultural and artistic practices that take place in Europe and Belgium, as well as those of the African continent. Afropean + is aimed at promoting the creative contribution of Africa to Europe and examples of cultural synergy with Africa and highlight its diaspora.

Brussels (Africa) Talents Show

Promotional multidisciplinary showcase that artists live from the African Diaspora in Belgium will feature. Addressing both professionals (programmers, agents, managers, etc.) in Belgium and abroad, and to a certain extent, the "public" to promote the event is aimed at both the circulation of the African Diaspora artists and Belgium beyond our borders to promote their visibility and recognition by the public. Through this event and its exceptional and comprehensive range of performances, the association Mwinda Kitoko, the coordination of the day Africans Talents Lushi Entertainment, Leopard Print, in collaboration with the African Platform (African Platform), Creative District, Comocongo, the Association Change and Hakuza want to fulfill their mission link between artistic groups, cultural professionals and citizens.

Mwinda Kitoko ASBL

Mwinda Kitoko (bright shine) is a non-profit, created in 1994. She is a member of the African Federation of Flanders (Plate- African form) and Brussels As the name suggests (Beautiful light), it aims to clarify the different between Cultures to facilitate their meeting, their understanding in mutual respect. To enable better integration for Mwinda Kitoko is a reciprocal relationship.

Purpose of the association: